George Benson(g,vo)

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**Give Me The Night

Warner Bros.HS 3453, 3453-2

1. Love X Love
2. Off Broadway
3. Moody's Mood
4. Give Me The Night
5. What's On Your Mind
6. Dinorah, Dinorah
7. Love Dance
8. Star Of A Story (X)
9. Midnight Love Affair
10. Turn Out The Lamplight
George Benson (g)
Lee Ritenour (g)
Herbie Hancock (key,syn)
Richard Tee (key,syn)
Greg Phillinganes (key,syn)
Larry Willia (sax,fl)
Jerre Hey (tp)
It's Uptown

ColumbiaCL 2525
Sony SRCS 9183

Feb. 9, Mar. 15, 1966
1. Clockwise
2. Summertime
3. Ain't That Peculiar
4. Jaguar
5. Willow Weep For Me
6. A Foggy Day
7. Hello Birdie
8. Bullfight
9. Stormy Weather
10. Eternally
11. Myna Bird Blues
12. J.H. Bossa Nova
13. Clockwise (Alternate Take)
14. Eternally (Short Version)
15. Sideman
16. Minor Chant
Ronnie Cuber (bs)
Lonnie Smith (org)
George Benson (g,vo)
Jimmy Lovelace or Ray Lucas (ds)
Other Side of Abbey Road

EMI Gold

1. Golden Slumbers/You Never Give Me Your Money
2. Because/Come Together
3. Oh! Darling
4. Here Comes The Sun/I Want You (She's So Heavy)
5. Something/Octopus's Garden/The End
Andy Gonzales,Andy Gonzalez(per)
Bernie Glow(tp)
Bob James(org)
Bob James(p)
Donald Ashworth(bs)
Ed Shaughnessy(ds)
Ernie Hayes(org,p)
Freddie Hubbard(tp)
George Benson(g,vo)
Herbie Hancock(org,p)
Hubert Laws(fl)
Idris Muhammad(ds)
Jerome Richardson(cl,fl,ts,sax)
Jerry Jemmott(b)
Marvin Stamm(tp)
Max Pollikoff(vln)
Mel Davis(tp,flh)
Phil Bodner(fl)
Raoul Poliakin(vln)
Ray Barretto(ds,per)
Ron Carter(b)
Sonny Fortune(as,sax)
Wayne Andre(tb)
Bernie Glow(flh)
Donald Ashworth(bcl,reeds (multiple))
Emanuel Vardi(cello,viola)
Freddie Hubbard(flh)
George Ricci(cello)
Guildhall String Ensemble(strings)
Hubert Laws(reeds (multiple))
Marvin Stamm(flh)
Phil Bodner(oboe,reeds (multiple)
Bob James(harpsichord)
Ernie Hayes(harpsichord)
Herbie Hancock(harpsichord)
Wayne Andre(euphonium)
Don Sebesky(arr)

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