Al Cohn(ts)

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Concord Jazz  VICJ-23847
United-Western Studios, Hollywood, California in April 1981
1. Take Four
2. Unless It's You
3. El Cajon
4. Raincheck
5. Mr. George
6. The Girl From Ipanema
7. This Is New
8. Blue Hodge
9. Expense Account
Al Cohn (ts)
Lou Levy (p)
Monty Budwig (b)
Jake Hanna (ds)
Cohn On The Saxophone

Dawn DLP-1110

Sep.29, 1956
1. We Three
2. Idaho
3. The Things I Love
4. Singing The Blues
5. Be Loose
6. When Day Is Done
7. Good Old Blues
8. Softly,As In A Morning Sunrise
9. Abstract Of You
10. Blue Lou
11. Them There Eyes
Al cohn (ts)
Frank Rehak (tb)
Hank Jones (p)
Milt Hinton (b)
Osie Johnson (ds)
No Problem
With Barry Harris

Xanadu LP-179

NYC, Dec.18, 1979
1. Fred
2. Danielle
3. All The Things You Are
4. Zoot Case
5. Sophisticated Lady
6. Mood Indigo
7. Three Little Words
Al Cohn (ts)
Barry Harris (p)
Steve Gilmore (b)
Walter Bolden (ds)

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