Ornette Coleman(as)

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**At The "Golden Circle" Stockholm Vol. 1

Blue Note BLP-4224

Jan.3,4, 1965
1. Announcement
2. Faces And Places
3. European Echoes
4. Dee Dee
5. Dawn
6. Faces And Places 7. European Echoes (alt take)
8. Doughnuts
Ornette Coleman (tp,as,vln)
David Izenzon (b)
Charles Moffett (ds)
**At The "Golden Circle" Stockholm Vol. 2

Blue Note BLP-4225

Jan.3,4, 1965
1. Snowflakes And Sunshine
2. Morning Song
3. The Riddle
4. Antiques
5. Morning Song (alt take)
6. The Riddle (alt take)
7. Antiques (alt take)
Ornette Coleman (tp,as,vln)
David Izenzon (b)
Charles Moffett (ds)
Friends And Neighbors
Ornette Live At Prince Street

Flying Dutchman FD 123

Feb.14, 1970
1. Friends And Neighbors (vocal)
2. Friends And Neighbors (instrumental)
3. Long Time No See
4. Let's Play
5. Forgotten Songs
6. Tomorrow
Ornette Coleman (as,tp,vln)
Dewey Redman (ts)
Charlie Haden (b)
Ed Blackwell (ds)
Virgin Beauty
Ornette Coleman And Prime Time

Columbia RK 44301

Oct. 1987
1. 3 Wishes
2. Bourgeois Boogie
3. Happy Hour
4. Virgin Beauty
5. Healing The Feeling
6. Singing In The Shower
7. Desert Players
8. Honeymooners
9. Chanting
10. Spelling The Alphabet
11. Unknown Artist
Ornette Coleman (sax,vln,tp)
Denardo Coleman (ds,key,per)
Calvin Weston (ds)
Al MacDowell (b)
Chris Walker (b)
Bern Nix (g)
Charlee Ellerbe (g)
Jerry Garcia (g)

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