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**Dizzy Gillespie At Newport'57

Verve MGV 8242

"Newport Jazz Festival", Newport, RI, evening, July 6, 1957
1. Dizzy's Blues
2. School Days
3. Doodlin'
4. Manteca
5. I Remember Clifford
6. Cool Breeze
7. Zodiac Suite
8. Carioca
9. A Night In Tunisia
Dizzy Gillespie (tp,vo)
Lee Morgan (tp)
Ernet Perry (tp)
Carl Warwick (tp)
Talib Daawud (tp)
Al Grey (tb)
Melba Liston (tb)
Ray Connor (tb)
Ernie Henry (as)
Jimmy Powell (as)
Billy Mitchell (ts)
Benny Golson (ts)
Pee Wee Moore (bs)
Wynton Kelly (p)
Paul West (b)
Charlie Persip (ds)
Austin Cromer (vo)
Mary Lou Williams (p)
For Musicians Only

Verve MGV 8198

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, Oct. 16, 1956
1. Bebop
2. Dark Eyes
3. Wee (Allen's Alley)
4. Lover Come Back To Me
5. Dark Eyes
Dizzy Gillespie (tp)
Sonny Stitt (as)
Stan Getz (ts)
Herb Ellis (g)
John Lewis (p)
Ray Brown (b)
Stan Levey (ds)
Something Old Something New

Philips PHM 200 091

Apr. 23,24&25, 1963
1. Bebop
2. Good Bait
3. I Can't Get Started ,'Round Midnight
4. Dizzy Atmosphere
5. November Afternoon
6. This Lovely Feeling
7. The Day After
8. The Cup Bearers
9. Early Morning Blues
Dizzy Gillespie (tp)
James Moody (ts,as,fl)
Kenny Barron (p)
Chris White (b)
Rudy Collins (ds)
Dizzy Gillespie Duets

Verve MGV 8260

NYC, Dec. 11, 1957
1. Wheatleigh Hall
2. Sumphin'
3. Con Alma (alt.take)
4. Con Alma
5. Anythin'
6. Haute Mon'
Dizzy Gillespie (tp)
Sonny Rollins (ts)
Sonny Stitt (as)
Ray Bryant (p)
Tom Bryant (b)
Charlie Pership (ds)
Groovin' High

Savoy MG 12020

#1: NYC, February 9, 1945
#2-4: NYC, February 28, 1945
#5,6: NYC, May 11, 1945
#7,8: NYC, May 15, 1946
#9: NYC, June 10, 1946
#10-12: NYC, July 9, 1946
#13: NYC, November 12, 1946
1. Blue 'N' Boogie
2. Groovin' High
3. Dizzy Atmosphere
4. All The Things You Are
5. Salt Peanuts
6. Hot House
7. Oop Bop Sh' Bam
8. That's Earl Brother
9. Our Delight
10. One Bass Hit,Pt. 2
11. Things To Come
12. Rays Idea
13. Emanon
Dizzy Gillespie (tp)
Dexter Gordon (ts)
Frank Paparelli (p)
Chuck Wayne (g)
Murray Sipinsky (b)
Shelly Manne (ds)

Dizzy Gillespie (tp)
Charlie Parker (as)
Clyde Hart (p)
Remo Palmieri (g)
Slam Stewart (b)
Cozy Cole (ds)

Dizzy Gillespie (tp,vo)
Charlie Parker (as)
Al Haig (p)
Curly Russell (b)
Sidney Catlett (ds)

Dizzy Gillespie (tp,vo)
Sonny Stitt (as)
Al Haig (p)
Milt Jackson (vib)
Ray Brown (b)
Kenny Clarke (ds)
Gil Fuller, Alice Roberts (vo)

Dave Burns, Talib Daawud, Dizzy Gillespie, John Lynch, Ray Orr (tp)
Leon Comegys, Charles Greenlea, Al Moore (tb)
John Brown, Howard Johnson (as)
Ray Abrams, Warren Lucky (ts)
Pee Wee Moore (bs)
Milt Jackson (p)
Ray Brown (b)
Kenny Clarke (ds)
Alice Roberts (vo)

Dave Burns, Talib Daawud, Kenny Dorham, Dizzy Gillespie, John Lynch, Elmon Wright (tp)
Leon Comegys, Alton "Slim" Moore, Gordon Thomas (tb)
Howard Johnson, Sonny Stitt (as)
Ray Abrams, Warren Lucky (ts)
Leo Parker (bs)
Milt Jackson (vib)
John Lewis (p)
Ray Brown (b)
Kenny Clarke (ds)
Alice Roberts (vo)

Dave Burns, Dizzy Gillespie, John Lynch, Matthew McKay, Elmon Wright (tp)
Taswell Baird, Al Moore, Gordon Thomas (tb)
John Brown, Scoops Carey (as)
Bill Frazier, James Moody (ts)
Pee Wee Moore (bars)
Milt Jackson (vib)
John Lewis (p)
Ray Brown (b)
Joe Harris (ds)
Kenny Hagood (vo)
The Trumpet Kings At Montreux
Roy Eldridge with Dizzy Gillespie and Clark Terry

Pablo 2310 754

"Montreux Jazz Festival", "Casino De Montreux", Switzerland, July 16, 1975
1. Montreux Blues
2. There Is No Greater Love
3. Lullaby Of The Leaves
4. On The Alamo
5. Blues For Norman
6. Indiana
Roy Eldridge (tp)
Dizzy Gillespie (tp)
Clark Terry (tp,flh)
Oscar Peterson (p)
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (b)
Louie Bellson (ds)
Dizzy IN Greece

Verve MGV 8017

#1: NYC, May 18 & 19, 1956
#2-7: NYC, June 6, 1956
#8-10: NYC, April 8, 1957
1. Hey Pete
2. Yesterdays
3. Tin Tin Deo
4. Groovin' For Nat
5. Annie's Dance
6. Cool Breeze
7. School Days
8. That's All
9. Stablemates
10. Groovin' High
Joe Gordon, Quincy Jones, Ermit V. Perry, Carl Warwick (tp)
Dizzy Gillespie (tp, vo)
Rod Levitt, Melba Liston, Frank Rehak (tb)
Jimmy Powell, Phil Woods (as)
Billy Mitchell, Ernie Wilkins (ts)
Marty Flax (bs)
Walter Davis Jr. (p)
Nelson Boyd (b)
Charlie Persip (ds)

Talib Daawud, Lee Morgan, Ermit V. Perry, Carl Warwick (tp)
Dizzy Gillespie (tp, arr)
Al Grey, Rod Levitt (tb)
Melba Liston (tb, arr) Ernie Henry, Jimmy Powell (as)
Billy Mitchell (ts)
Benny Golson (ts, arr)
Billy Root (bs)
Wynton Kelly (p)
Paul West (b)
Charlie Persip (ds)
Ernie Wilkins (arr)

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