Jim Hall(g)

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Blue Note BLP 4146

CBS Studios, Paris, France, May 23, 1963
1. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
2. Two's Blues
3. The Answer Is Yes
4. Concierto de Aranjuez
5. Rock Skippin'
6. Unfinished Business
7. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (alt. Take)
8. The Answer Is Yes (alt. Take)
9. Rock Skippin' (alt. Take)
Dexter Gordon (ts)
Bud Powell (p)
Pierre Michelot (b)
Kenny Clarke (ds)
The Street Singers
Bob Brookmeyer with Jim Hall and Jimmy Raney

Pacific Jazz LP1239

Nov. 13-16, 1957 :#1-6
Hackensack, New Jersey,June 30, 1955
New York, January 6, 1954
1. Arrowhead
2. Street Swingers
3. Hot Buttered Noodling
4. Musicale Du Jour
5. Raney Day
6. Jupiter
7. Rocky Scotch (Bonus Track)
8. Under The Lilacs (Bonus Track)
9. They Say It's Wonderful (Bonus Track)
10. Potrezebie (Bonus Track)
11. Revelation (Bonus Track)
12. Star Eyes (Bonus Track)
13. Nobody's Heart (Bonus Track)
14. Loup-Garou (Bonus Track)
Bob Brookmeyer (tb,vtb,p)
Jimmy Raney (g)
Jim Hall (g)
Bill Crow (b)
Osie Johnson (ds)

Teddy Kotick (b)
Mel Lewis (ds)
Teddy Charles (vib,p)
Ed Shaughnessy (ds)
Nancy Overton (vo) #13
To Sweden With Love
Art Farmer

Atlantic 1430

Stockholm, Sweden, April 28&30, 1964
1. Va Da Du? (Was It You?)
2. De Salde Sina Hemman (They Sold Their Homestead)
3. Den Motstravige Brudgummen (The Reluctant Groom)
4. Och Hor Du Unga Dora (And Listen Young Dora)
5. Kristallen Den Fina (The Fine Crystal)
6. Visa Vid Midsommartid ( Midsummer Song)
Art Farmer(flu)
Jim Hall(g)
Steve Swallow(b)
Pete LaRoca(ds)

2011/04/26 リニュ
*「Street Swingers」(Pacific Jazz LP 1239)は
「The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer」
(Prestige LP7066)
をカップリングした2in1 CDのDataです。
#1-6が「Street Swingers」です。