Johnny Hodges(as)

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**Castle Rock

Norgran Records MGN 1048, Verve MGV 8139

NYC, Jan. 15, 1951 :#7-10
NYC, Feb. 28, 1951 :#2,5
NYC, Mar. 3, 1951 :#1,3,4
NYC, Jan.y 13, 1952 :#6,11,12
1. Castle Rock
2. The Jeep Is Jumpin'
3. A Gentle Breeze
4. Globe Trotter
5. Jeep's Blues
6. A Pound of Blues
7. You Blew Out the Flame in My Heart
8. Something to Pat Your Foot To
9. Blue Fantasia
10. My Reward 11. Sideways
12. Wham
Johnny Hodges (as)
Al Sears (ts)
Lawrence Brown (tb)
Emmett Berry (tp)
Leroy Lovett (p)
Lloyd Trotman (b)
Sony Greer (ds)
Joseph Marshall (ds) :#6,11,12
Nelson Williams (tp) :#7-10
Alfred McKibbon (b) :#7-10
The Big Sound
Johnny Hodges And The Ellington Men
Verve MGV-8271,MGVS-6017

NYC, Jun. 26, 1957 :#5,7,9,11
NYC, Sep. 3, 1957
1. Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
2. An Ordinary Thing
3. Waiting For Duke
4. Dust Bowl
5. Little Rabbit Blues
6. Viscount
7. Johnny Come Lately
8. Bouquet Of Roses
9. Gone And Crazy
10. Digits
11. Segdoh
12. Early Morning Rock
Clark Terry (tp)
Ray Nance (tp, vln)
Quentin Jackson (tb)
John Sanders (tb) #1-5,7,9,11
Britt Woodman (tb) #1-5,7,9,11
Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts)
Johnny Hodges (as)
Russell Procope (as, cl)
Harry Carney (bs)
Billy Strayhorn (p)
Jimmy Woode (b)
Sam Woodyard (ds)
Cat Anderson (tp) :#1-4
Harold Baker (tp) #1-5,7,9,11
Willie Cook (tp) :#1-4
Paul Gonsalves (ts) :#1-4
Johnny Hodges, Soloist
With Billy Strayhorn And The Orchestra

Verve V/V6 8452

NYC, Dec. 11&12, 1961
1. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
2. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
3. The Gal From Joe's
4. Your Love Has Faded
5. I'm Just A Lucky So And So
6. Jeep's Blues
7. Day Dream
8. Juice A-Plenty
9. Azure
10. Tailor Made
11. Stardust
Cat Anderson, Harold Baker, Bill Berry, Ed Mullens, Howard McGhee (tp)
Lawrence Brown, Chuck Connors, Quentin Jackson (tb)
Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts)
Johnny Hodges (as)
Russell Procope (as, cl)
Paul Gonsalves (ts)
Harry Carney (bs)
Jimmy Jones (p)
Aaron Bell (b)
Sam Woodyard (ds)
Billy Strayhorn (arr, cond)

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