Keith Jarrett(p)

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**Death And The Flower

Impulse AS-9301

Generation Sound Studios, NYC, Oct. 9 & 10, 1974
1. Death And The Flower
2. Prayer
3. Great Bird
Dewey Redman(ts,musette,per)
Keith Jarrett(p,fl,osi ds,per)
Charlie Haden(b)
Paul Motian(ds,per)
Guilherme Franco(per)
**The Koln Concert

ECM (G) 1064/65

Koln, West Germany, January 24, 1975
1. Koln, Pt. 1
2. Koln, Pt. 2a
3. Koln, Pt. 2b
4. Koln, Pt. 2c
Keith Jarrett (p)
**Standards Live

ECM (G) 1317

The Palais Des Congres Studios De La Grande Armee, Paris, France, Jul. 2, 1985
1. Stella By Starlight
2. The Wrong Blues
3. Falling In Love With Love
4. Too Young To Go Steady
5. The Way You Look Tonight
6. The Old Country
Keith Jarrett (p)
Gary Peacock (b)
Jack DeJohnette (ds)
Life Between The Exit Signs

Vortex LP 2006

NYC, May 4, 1967
1. Lisbon Stomp
2. Love No.1
3. Love No.2
4. Everything I Love
5. Margot
6. Long Time Gone
7. Life Between The Exit Signs
8. Church Dreams
Keith Jarrett (p)
Charlie Haden (b)
Paul Motian (ds)
Gary Burton And Keith Jarrett

Atlantic SD 1577

A&R Studios, NYC, July 23, 1970
1. Grow Your Own
2. Moonchild / In Your Quiet Place
3. Como En Vietnam
4. Fortune Smiles
5. The Raven Speaks
Gary Burton (vib)
Keith Jarrett (p, el-p, ss)
Sam Brown (g)
Steve Swallow (b)
Bill Goodwin (ds)
NDR Jazz Workshop '72

Norddeutscher Rundfunk

NDR Studio 10, Hamburg, West Germany, 1972
1. Rainbow
2. Piece For Ornette
3. Take Me Back
4. Life Dance
Keith Jarrett (p, fl)
Charlie Haden (b)
Paul Motian (ds)
Gnu High

ECM (G) 1069

NYC, June, 1975
1. Heyoke
2. Smatter
3. Gnu Suite
Kenny Wheeler (flh)
Keith Jarrett (p)
Dave Holland (b)
Jack DeJohnette (ds)

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