Roland Kirk(ts,fl,etc)

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**The Inflated Tear

Atlantic SD 1502

Webster Hall, NYC, Nov. 27, 1967 & Nov. 30, 1967
1. The Black And Crazy Blues
2. A Laugh For Rory
3. Many Blessings
4. Fingers In The Wind
5. The Inflated Tear
6. Creole Love Call
7. A Handful Of Fives
8. Fly By Night
9. Lovellevelliloqui
10. I'm Glad There Is You
Roland Kirk (ts,manzello,stritch,fl, siren,cl,whistle,flexaphone)
Ron Burton (p)
Steve Novosel (b)
Jimmy Hopps (ds)
Dick Griffin (tb)
The Case Of The 3 Sided Dream In Audio Color

Atlantic SD 1674

Regent Sound Studios, NYC, May 14, 1975
1. Converstation
2. Bye Bye Blackbird
3. Horses
4. High Heel Sneakers
5. Dream
6. Echos Of Primitive OHIO & Chili Dogs
7. The Entertainer
8. Freaks For The Festival
9. Dream
10. Portrait Of Those Beautiful Ladies
11. Dream
12. The Entertainer
13. Dream
14. Portrait Of Those Beautiful Ladies
15. Dream
16. Freaks For The Festival
17. Sesroh
18. Bye Bye Blackbird
19. Conversation
20. Side Four
Roland Kirk (ts,bass-sax,fl,tp,manzello,stritch)
Pat Patrick (bs)
Arthur Jenkins (key)
Hilton Ruiz (key)
Richard Tee (key)
Cornell Dupree (g)
Keith Loving (g)
Hugh McCracken (g)
Francisco Centeno (ds)
Brown (ds)
Steve Gadd (ds)
John Goldsmith (ds)
Lawrence Killian (cga)
Ralph McDonald (per)
Return Of The 5000 Lb Man

Warner Brothers BS 2918

Regent Sound Studios, NYC, 1976
1. Theme For The Eulipions
2. Sweet Georgia Brown
3. I'll Be Seeing You
4. Loving You
5. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
6. There Will Never Be Another You
7. Giant Steps
Roland Kirk (ts,hca,stritchaphone)
Romeo Penque (bs,oboe)
Hilton Ruiz (p,celeste)
Howard Johnson (tu)
Buster Williams (b)
Charlie Persip (ds)
Joe Texidor (per)
Maeretha Stewart (vo)
Hilda Harris (background vo)
Adrienne Albert (background vo)
Francine Carroll (background vo)
Milton Grayson (background vo)
Randy Peyton (background vo)
Arthur Williams (background vo)
Roland Kirk (arr)
Frank Foster (arr)
Betty Neals (recitation)

Roland Kirk (ts)
Hank Jones (p)
Milt Hinton (b)
Fred Moore (washboard)
William Eaton (whistling)

Roland Kirk (fl,ts,vo)
Arthur Jenkins (key)
Hilton Ruiz (p)
William Butler (g)
Metathias Pearson (b)
Jerry Griffin (ds)
Warren Smith (perc)
Joe Texidor (perc,vo)

Roland Kirk (ts)
Trudy Pitts (org)
William Butler (g)
Bill Carney (ds) )

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