Sonny Stitt(as,ts)

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**Sonny Stitt - Bud Powell - J.J. Johnson

Prestige PRLP 7024

NYC, Oct. 17, 1949 :#10-14
& Dec. 11, 1949 :#1-4
& Jan. 26, 1950 :#5-9
1. All God's Children
2. Sonnyside
3. Bud's Blues
4. Sunset
5. Fine And Dandy(take1)
6. Fine And Dandy(take2)
7. Strike Up The Band
8. I Want To Be Happy
9. Taking A Chance On Love
10. Afternoon In Paris
11. Elora
12. Teapot
13. Blue Mode(take1)
14. Blue Mode(take2)
J. J. Johnson (tb)
Sonny Stitt (ts)
John Lewis (p)
Nelson Boyd (b)
Max Roach (ds)
Sonny Stitt (ts)
Bud Powell (p)
Curly Russell (b)
Max Roach (ds)
We'll Be Together Again(Dig Him!)
Gene Ammons & Sonny Stitt

Argo LP 697,Prestige 7606

Chicago, IL, Aug. 26, 1961
1. Red Sails In The Sunset
2. But Not For Me
3. A Pair Of Red Pants
4. We'll Be Together Again
5. A Mess
6. New Blues Up And Down
7. My Foolish Heart
8. Water Jug
9. Autumn Leaves
10. Time On My Hands
Gene Ammons (ts)
Sonny Stitt (as,ts)
John Houston (p)
Charles Williams (b)
George Brown (ds)

Cadet 50026

1. Mr. Bojangles
2. The World Is A Ghetto
3. Killing Me Softly With His Song
4. Blue Monsoon
5. Got To Be There
6. Fifty Per Cent
7. Ben
Sonny Stitt (as,ts)
David Nadien, Emanuel Green, Gene Orloff, Harold Kohon, Harry Lookofsky,Joseph Malin, Paul Gershman(vln)
Jimmy Buffington (fhr)
Cornell Dupree (g)
George Marge (fl,oboe)
George Ricci (cello)
Gloria Agostini (harp)
Roland Hanna (el-p)
Richard Davis (el-b)
Jimmy Johnson (ds)
Phil Kraus (xyl,per,vib)
Warren Smith Jr. (per)
Don Sebesky (arr,cond)

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