Cecil Taylor(p)

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**Unit Structures

Blue Note BST 84237

Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, May 19, 1966
1. Steps
2. Enter, Evening (Soft Line Structure)
3. Enter, Evening (alt. take)
4. Unit Structure/As Of A Now/Section
5. Tales (8 Whisps)
Cecil Taylor (p,bells)
Eddie Gale Stevens Jr. (tp)
Jimmy Lyons (as)
Ken Mclntyre (as,ob,bcl)
Henry Grimes (b)
Alan Silva (b)
Andrew Cyrille (ds)
Donald Byrd Jazz Lab And Cecil Taylor At Newport
The Gigi Gryce
Verve MGV 8238

"Newport Jazz Festival", Newport, RI, Jul. 5, 1957 :#4-6
& Jul. 6, 1957 :#1-3
1. Johnny Come Lately
2. Nona's Blues
3. Tune 2
4. Splittin' (Ray's Way)
5. Batland
6. Love For Sale
Steve Lacy (ss)
Cecil Taylor (p)
Buell Neidlinger (b)
Dennis Charles (ds)

Donald Byrd (tp)
Gigi Gryce (as)
Hank Jones (p)
Wendell Marshall (b)
Osie Johnson (ds)
Love For Sale

United Artists UAL 4046

NYC, Apr. 15, 1959
1. Get Out Of Town
2. I Love Paris
3. Love For Sale
4. LIttle Lees (Louise)
5. Matie's Trophies (Motystrophe)
6. Carol/Three Points
Ted Curson (tp) :#4-6
Bill Barron (ts) :#4-6
Cecil Taylor (p)
Buell Neidlinger (b)
Rudy Collins (ds)

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