Mal Waldron(p)

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**Left Alone

Bethlehem BCP 6045

NYC, Feb. 24, 1959
1. Left Alone
2. Cat Walks
3. You Don't Know What Love Is
4. Minor Pulsations
5. Airegin
Jackie McLean (as)
Mal Waldron (p)
Julian Euell (b)
Al Dreares (ds)

New Jazz NJLP 8242

Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, Mar. 20, 1959
1. Champs Elysees
2. All About Us
3. Ciao!
4. All The Way
5. With A Song In My Heart
6. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
7. C'est Formidable
Mal Waldron (p)
Addison Farmer (b)
Al Heath (ds)
Les Nuits De La Negritude

Powertree AP 1003

NYC, 1963
1. Samabli (Summerday)
2. Easy Going
3. All Of My Life
4. Ollie's Caravan
5. Modal Air
6. Lullaby Chant
7. The Call To Arms
8. Skipper's Waltz
9. Love Span
10. Quiet Temple (All Alone)
Mal Waldron (p)
George Tucker (b)
Al Dreares (ds)

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