George Wallington(p)

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**George Wallington Quintet At The Cafe Bohemia

Prestige PRLP 7820

"Cafe Bohemia", NYC, Sep. 9, 1955
1. Johnny One Note
2. Sweet Blanche
3. Minor March
4. Snakes
5. Jay Mac's Crib
6. Bohemia After Dark/The Peck
George Wallington (p)
Donald Byrd (tp)
Jackie McLean (as)
Paul Chambers (b)
Art Taylor (ds)
The New York Scene

New Jazz NJLP 8207

Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, Mar. 1, 1957
1. In Salah
2. Up Tohickon Creek
3. Graduation Day
4. Indian Summer
5. 'Dis Mornin'
6. Sol's Ollie
George Wallington (p)
Donald Byrd (tp)
Phil Woods (as)
Teddy Kotick (b)
Nick Stabulas (ds)
The Prestidigitator

East-West 4004

NYC, Apr. 4 - 6, 1957
1 In Salah
2 Composin' at the Composer
3 Jouons
4 Rural Route
5 Promised Land
6 August Moon
7 The Prestidigitator
George Wallington (p)
J.R. Monterose (ts)
Jerry Lloyd (tp)
Teddy Kotick (b)
Nick Stabulous (ds)

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